The clothing industry, also known as the apparel, garment or textile industry, has a longstanding history. Due to advances in technology, independent dress-makers have now mostly been replaced with sewing factories and large manufacturing plants. It’s a challenge to find a traditional atelier nowadays where the seamstress, besides sewing, also deals with tailoring, works with traditional equipment and still uses age-old sewing techniques.

Hungarian-owned UNIMODE Kft. is a traditional sewing company. Opposing today’s clichés, it combines old tools and high professional knowledge with novelties and innovation. A team of young, enthusiastic seamstresses took over the former business and, with their experience and expertise, have given UNIMODE Kft. a completely fresh, youthful momentum. The new owners are keen to protect and preserve the industry’s traditional values, while opening up to the world of fashion and designers, shining a modern light on this classic profession. Using their professionalism and trusted tools, with significant added value, they strive to bring this ancient profession back into the public eye, one stitch at a time.

Our company offers comprehensive sewing services from ready-to-wear collections, through bespoke tailoring, to workwear and uniform production. We are equipped to manage the entire production process in one place for our customers.

We offer high quality, timely and flexible customer service, precision, and competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction.